Valencia is a capital committed to the enviorment and if you are committed too, we recomend this cycling route to discover this fantastic city. With nearly 8km of bike path, our lovely climate the whole year and without slopes, Valencia is the perfect city to explore by bike.

This path may last aprox. 7 hours with stops in the turistic áreas.

Watch Bike route across Valencia in a bigger map.

  1. Turia Gardens
  2. Serranos Towers
  3. Manises Square
  4. Virgin’s Square
  5. Cathedral and Miguelete
  6. Almoina Square
  7. Marques de dos Aguas’ Palace
  8. Ancient University of Valencia
  9. El Patriarca
  10. Exposición Bridge
  11. Ancient Tabacos Factory
  12. Exposición Palace
  13. Flores Bridge
  14. Music Palace
  15. City of Arts and Science
  16. The Marina Real Juan Carlos I
  17. Seafront
  18. Doyoubike
  19. Ciclo Tour Bike
  20. Cyclos VLC